Friday, May 19, 2017

Mayoist Great Leap Backwards

The Conservative Manifesto could have been co written by Corbyn himself with its vicious attacks on business,its persecution of enterprise and its statist interventions in what is left of the market. Employees are to have representation on governing boards giving them all the benefits of ownership but none of the responsibilities and liabilities which is a recipe for chaos and breakdown of said business. Businesses will be  punitively fined for having the temerity to bring employees in from outside the country,a rabid form of economic nationalism not seen since the emergence of the Third Reich. Caps will be placed on energy prices in a flagrant statist takeover of a supposedly free market in energy which is a chimera as it is a rigged market by the state in regulations and taxation and now defacto nationalisation.

 Any businesses seeking to protect themselves from crippling taxation will be hounded and punished like common criminals rather than the engine of growth and creators of wealth and prosperity they are.

No promises have been made not to raise taxes which is like a Damocles sword hanging over all businesses and individuals creating mass uncertainty and caution over expansion plans.

Theresa May seems intent on throwing red meat to Labour voters and thinks she can take her core vote for granted and she may be correct when they survey the field for alternatives which is further proof for the need of a new pro freedom capitalist party to challenge the tories, exposing their amoral cynical opportunist unprincipled anti ideological chicanery.

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