Saturday, May 20, 2017

May's Sinister Cadre

Timothy Lane is Theresa May's  evil Socialist Svengali, the unseen power behind the throne as May is essentially tabula Rasa with no discernible beliefs and in this she bears an uncanny resemeblance to her predecessor Cameron whose brow was untroubled by thought - other than the pursuit and the achievement of power for power's sake, another thing May has in common with him as well as yet another,their Remainer status.

It is no accident that Lane's political inspiration is Joseph Chamberlain, a leftist tory who introduced socialist programmes on tarrifs,taxation and welfare in the late 19th century and who even at the time was regarded by other tories as a Dick Turpin figure. Lane is undoubtedly pulling May's strings but as Corbyn is a red meat socialist those who wish there to remain at least some capitalist elements to the present system have no choice but to hold their nose and vote Conservative.

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