Sunday, May 07, 2017

More Nonsense from the Tribune of Faith

Religious nutjob Peter Hitchens claims there must be an afterlife and a God in order for there to be justice  as there is no justice here on earth in man's kingdom and the weak are always victims of the strong. How so? If a man robs or murders he will be apprehended sooner or later and serve a jail sentence -maybe not as long as Mr Hitchens or we would like but that is something that can be changed and tweaked and needs no mythical heavenly intervention to effect.

And if a man drinks heavily over a prolonged period he will invariably succumb to liver disease and die prematurely, likewise those engaged in narcotic abuse and the morbidly obese - all of these will face a kind of justice for their indulgence. Liars cheats,deceivers all pay a heavy price for their delinquency in terms of low self esteem and psychological malaise so the idea that there is no justice other than in the mythical heaven is as absurd most of what Hitchens comes out with.

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