Monday, May 08, 2017

French vote for 'Not Le Pen'

It is hard to believe that the by all accounts  nonentity  Machon who seems to think that the only thing wrong with the EU is that it is too liberal ie too free market oriented(?!) is going to be able to turn round the sluggish sclerotic under-performing French economy with Thatcherite-like reforms which will be fought,literally, on the streets by both left and right as the former only lent their vote to Machon because of fear of something worse, Le Pen.

The irony is that the left have far more in common with the protectionist policies of  Le Pen  than with the more centrist Machon but could not bring themselves to vote for her nationalist policies - although an even greater irony is that her anti immigrant position would also benefit the left in keeping out low wage earning migrants.

This cynical triangulist approach of Machon will almost inevitably crash on the rocks of political reality and then the wicked witch of nationalism  waiting patienty in the wings will swoop to victory at the next election.

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