Friday, May 26, 2017

Foreign Policy by Displacement

Re the so called war on terror governments engage in displacement activity ie invading Iraq and Afghanistan rather than Iran and Saudi Arabia, it places innocent people under state surveillance and allows the terrorists to slip through its net and very insidiously rather than going after the known suspects it wages a phoney war on 'extremism' which is a deliberately vague indefinable elastic term that theoretically encompasses anyone with intensely held views and beliefs either good or bad since the term itself does not connote the contents of someone's given belief but only the extent to which they hold it ie consistently and uncompromisingly. I could be an extremist by that wooly imprecise term as I believe in limited government with 0% taxation and regulation etc. This is the danger of of a government policy based on such a term.

Displacement activity is classically illustrated in the West's doomed ventures in Libya and Syria and it seems lessons are never learned when it comes to governments engaging in proxy wars,half hearted doomed exercises in grandstanding adventurism with no coherent policy or objective,foreign policy by emotional spasm.

Naming the enemy and waging all out war against it? No, governements would rather go after google and the internet and close down websites to stamp out 'extremism' to signal their virtue and strip us of our liberties in the process.

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