Friday, May 05, 2017

Religious People Say the Dumbest Things

Oddball peter Hitchens says in a talk that the two things that brought him to religious belief were reason and experience.(!?) He goes on to say that religion is responsible for civilization. In an age benighted by religious maniacs wreaking havoc around the world that is some cognitive dissonance going on in Hitchen's head.The mad islamists are behaving exactly the way Christians behaved until they underwent reformation and de fanging. What part of that blindingly obvious fact doesn't he understand?

Hitchen's was brought to faith by an ancient painting he saw in a church of sinners being sent to hell partly because the doomed looked a lot like his contemporaries and one even like himself. That's a clinching argument -a painting!

The even madder religious cultist Roy Masters said that children have to develop their egos before they become spiritual therby acknowledging that human beings require their ego to grow and develop as humans for it is what makes the world go round. Once the ego is allowed to thrive Masters comes along and trades parasitically on man's virtue ie ego to peddal his anti life anti man ideology.

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