Friday, May 05, 2017

Why There Can Be No Deal With Brussels

Leaving aside the risk as I alluded to of Theresa May routing her own Brexiteers in the election and doing a deal with Brussels it is more likely that there is no deal to be had as Brussels cannot allow it to be seen that the UK can flourish outside the EU for the message it sends to other skeptical countries.The only solution is to sit out the negotiations and then invoke the Wto rules or ideally to have zero tarriffs with all countries  and let the consequences follow.

 Too much energy expended on a chimera of a good deal would be folly once the nature of the EU beast is fully understood which is essentially a hostile unfriendly protectionist racket. It is for this reason that the EU is incapable of agreeing deals with countries outside it which takes years and come to nothing and as the UK will be outside the EU we will meet with the same brick wall of intransigence as are we are experiencing already.

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