Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why is only Statism in its variants on Offer?

As I have had cause to point out on numerous occasions, to the point of tedium it must be owned, statism and specifically socialism will never be buried once and for all as an ideology until the  philosophy underpinning it has been morally defeated ie altruism - the remnant of Christian belief that people pay lip service to  and politicians dog whistle to get the requisite predictable Pavlovian response from the electorate. Note here that altruism cannot be explicitly argued for as no one would sacrifice his children to the next door neighbour's children but they have enough programmed residual Christian  guilt about not living up to the altrusit 'ideal' to vote for the politicians who implictly  advance it .

It is up to those who see the immoral evil of altruism to out it,name it,expose it, to dispel the human slavish support for something that no man can live by and which any  attempt to do so can only lead to the disaster of  self immolation and the destruction of all human values.

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