Saturday, May 20, 2017

Funding Of Political Parties

The political parties are nationalised and funded by the taxpayer and this should end and the parties should be soley dependent upon private funding from individuals ,businesses and trade unions. It is immoral for someone to have to financially support a political party hostile to their own beliefs and values. There should be no financial cap on how much a political party receives in donations as individuals and groups should be free to support whatever ideology or beliefs they choose with no interference from the state.

Objections that this would lead to cronyism -as if it did not exist in the present system is false because the role of the state would be strictly delimited and the parties would not be in a position to bestow favours on any particular interest group and the cronyist lobby system would would come to an end as cronyism is a feature of the mixed economy where the state is intimately and intricately bound up with business in an unholy alliance and the latter has to effectively pay it of like the mafia to make it go away.

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