Monday, June 18, 2018

Wither the NHS? (please)

The 'Tories' have for the longest time seen their mission in life as to be the janitor to Labour's statist excesses: we can make socialism work! We can turn the socialist NHS sow into a silk purse, we can clear out the socialist orgyean stables and make it shiny new again -and then Labour will reap the benefits sweeping back to power and the whole sick gaudy circus can go round one more time,2 more times - ad infinitum it would seem.

Why do they do it ladies and gentlemen? Because they are socialists under the skin and now shouting it from the rooftops. Or wasn't it always so,didn't the beloved Margaret Thatcher herself become famous in part for saying the NHS is safe in our hands or words to that effect?

So here we are now, 70 years on and the sickest soap opera in history grinds on. Politicians lied, people died...

The only reason it does so is because of the residual Christian socialist ethic of altruism. No matter how bad the NHS gets it will not die until that evil ideological philosophic cancer is eradicated fully from our culture -in other words no one hold their breath.

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