Friday, June 01, 2018

Trump Flunks Economics 101

Another day, another supreme act of folly,the President is out of his depth in the Whitehouse for sure and he has surrounded himself with numbskull munchkins with as much grasp of economics as himself and they are clearly soley there as an echo chamber for his economic illiteracy and to massage his anti capitalist prejudices.

The scary thing is he has brought into the Whitehouse people who have been successful in business and yet here they are initiating some of the most destructive suicidal policies that could not be more counter productive than those  its worst enemies could dream up

By what right,what constitutional precedent can the president initiaite anti trade policies that will directly harm the American citizens it is his sole and only aim  to protect? If that is not an impeachment issue then nothing is.

This is government policy by emotional spasm and to hear the hare brained ratiocinations of his advisers and the bogus arguments they cite for this act of self immolation is truly staggering.Scaramouche was it it this morning and they are all reading from the same statist handbook and suffering from an advanced case of historical amnesia - or lets just call it plain ignorance.

China is 'dumping' steel on America - bring it on -poor people need more cheap imports not less. You cannot compete pathetic America? Try reducing your labour costs,remove all the job retarding regulations,the restrictive Labour practices,slash taxes. Duh. No,they will not do that because Trump is a statist thru and thru and an economic nationalist.

So called Communist China is more capitalist than America now. Conjure with that one. Liberals like to present it as communist because they can then attribute wealth creation to communism and then argue for it here at home but no one who understands the basic principles of the market could possible assert that what China has been up to for the last 3o years is communism. Politically,yes,economically no.

No communist country on earth has ever achieved the economic growth of China nor could it ever. It can achieve Venezuelaisation though.Watch out for the Red mist mentalist Corbyn in this regard.

Where will it all end? Where it always does,with economic collapse across continents,political instability and all its concomitant immiseration.No doubt the idiot president will be hauled back in line at some point before then and he will then be off on some other range of the moment tangent wherever his semi vacant lot  of a brain leads him.


spaman said...

What an irrational socialist rant - no understanding whatsoever

niconoclast said...

Dare I ask you to point to Any line of my post that would lead you to conclude I am ranting socialism lol?