Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Don't Be Vague. Ask for Cannabis

'Don't Tax My Drugs' Johnny Rotten aka Lydon. Vince Cable wants to. It'l bring in billions! Canada is doing it, 6 States in the US, Uruguay partially -the kids are openly smoking it on park benches in the UK -even toddlers want it! (don't have a fit, it's only for epilepsy). The only person who doesn't want drugs under any circumstances -apart from caffeine as he is a right tea boozer - is that old stuffed shirt, reactionary and faux eccentric Peter Hitchens, but then he wants Britain circa 1955 and that ain't gonna happen is it Peter you ex commie who apparently wants wholesale renationalization (?!) but we digress.

So between the time of drugs being illegal and possibly made legal the politicians have already got pound signs in their heads as they speculate on the vast windfall in tax revenues completely elliding in the process the obvious solution which is de legalisation and complete non statist non regulation and taxation ie a free market solution. (duh).

We don't mind the youth going to hell in a cannabis hand basket -we just want to be there when they generate the taxes for our further empire building. Never accuse statists of having morals!

As libertarians we would rather the youth did not so indulge but believe it is up to them if they want to go to hell in a cannabis haze and they should be able to purchase their product in any high st shop so designed to cater to their weakness,alongside the off licences -that should be de- licensed, and the candy stores promising teeth rot and obesity etc etc.

Furthermore all drugs should be legalised including the existing drugs only available through prescription via gov controlled chemists and similar outlets.That is to ssay that I as an asthmatic should be able to purchase an inhaler from a shop,over the counter,no questions asked other than are you over 18? If not come back with your parent. Simples.

Needless to say all such products should be untaxed and unregulated and let the customer beware,caveat emptor. We are adults after all -aren't we? Tell that to the politicians who are under the illusion which we have fed them that they are our masters rather than our servants.

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