Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Gig is Up

A plumber puts a spanner in the works... The supreme act of folly by the Supreme court finding in favour of the plumber versus Pimlico Plumbers probably means the end of the gig economy - (so called but which is really just business unfettered from state socialist control re regulation and  'employee rights').

No doubt aware of the liberal composition of the supreme court this was a cynical act by the litigant to cash in on the anti business culture the UK and most other countries are immersed in  -to the detriment of all of course as it is the oppressive heavy handed state intervention in the economy which will ultimately cause its death spiral  like the economic sclerosis that so blights the whole European continent and has led directly to the backlash against it's stultifying job-destroying statism.

Another dream killed by the ultimate killer, Statism. The great Gig in the Sky -but not here on earth.

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