Friday, June 29, 2018


Eminent domain or as we call it in ole Blighty 'compulsory purchase order' - far more honest I must own - is one of the most evil of government instruments on the sinister Stalinist scale. It simply means seizure of land and I believe the Scottish have made recent similar moves recently.

It's a bit like the appropriation of white farmer's land in Rhodesia (sometimes called Zimbabwe). Now the country lies in communist ruins the natives are saying the UK as former landlords should foot the bill for turning the wastelands of former white farms into going concerns again. Maybe the Zimbabwians invented Chutzpah?

But we digress. The British government is about to bulldoze the properties of over 500 people in order for the 4th or is it 5th Heathrow runway to be built. Leaving aside the fundamental fact that the State has no business whatsoever deciding whether a particular piece of infrastructure is built or not think of the obscene violations of property rights  involved in this horrendous proposition.

And we are told the Corbyns are Marxists. Who needs them - this 'tory' gov can do the job all by itself thank you very much. In fact,irony of ironies the Corb is against the Heathrow plans.

Lets hope Borris throws his great bulk in front of the bulldozers as promised -he might end up being of use after all.

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