Thursday, June 21, 2018

Military Coup in the UK?

If the gov falls over Brexit and a general election brings  Corbyn to power could there be a military coup, cited in the 'national interest' to prevent Britain going Venezuela? Too far fetched? Maybe but a Corbinista government is the stuff of which very real nitemares are made.

Will even London zoo be safe from the Corb Death Grip,  for the zoos in Venezuela -  his spiritual nirvana - have been emptied by starved victims of Maduro's socialist experiment (take 2 thousand). Surely the animal 'rights' people should be fearful of a Corbyn insurgency if only for the welfare of their beloved higher species who could well end up being torn limb from limb and voraciously devoured.

Maybe the pied piper of Islington has peaked with the fickle yoof, his firmament dimmed but who can be totally sure these days when mad parties are springing up in governments all over the blighted EU land. (Clowns to the Left of them clowns to the Right, here we are, stuck in the middle of EU).

Would the military be right to intervene in such a scenario? Not such an unreasonable question when one has to choose between a military rule and Marxist rule -  its the devil and the deep Red sea time.New Zealand anyone?

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