Wednesday, June 20, 2018

US Exits UNHRC Toxic Dump

Hurrah. Sooner or later Trump had to get one thing right by the law of averages if nothing else and his administration's announcement that it will be leaving the cesspit of iniquity know as the UN 'human rights' council is excellent news indeed.

Some of its members are unspeakable basket cases of deplorables, try Venezuela which is actively starving and torturing its people to death and has reduced a wealthy nation into abject poverty crime and spiraling anarchy. Not a peep from the corrupt UNhrc about this or any of the other atrocities being committed by its own members - but of course its virulent anti semitism is given full rein in periodic  outbursts and condemnations against the tiny oasis of liberty and democracy in the whole godamn Middle East - Israel.

If only Trump would deliver the coup de grace to the whole stinking corrupt UN outfit by closing its doors in NewYork and sending it packing to a more appropriate and fitting country such as indeed Venezuela,Iran or North Korea we could be rid of the whole gothic horror show once and for all.

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