Friday, June 08, 2018

Get the Fire Brigade!

Sauve qui peut!  or as the cloddish municipalised statist fire brigade nabobs would have it, 'Stay put!' The difference far from being linguistic has turned out to be that between life and death itself re Grenfell.

'No one is coming' said the psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden but the trouble with the Grenfell residents is they believed someone was.

The fire brigade was nationalised in the 1930's as was so much else and after Grenfell it is time to privatise the service that has become sleepy,inert,corrupt or in the common parlance not fit for purpose.

Let us not also forget that the cladding used was an attempt to cover up the hideous brutalism of nationalised architecture of the 50's and the wider question Grenfell raises is the dubious and misbegotten concept of social housing itself. Up on housing project hill its either misfortune or infamy...

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