Friday, June 22, 2018

Ha ha Mrs May Ha ha Mr Corbyn

These are taxing times -taxing past and taxing future. It's what governments do. First they starve 'front line services' ie those services only a state can and should  provide  ie police,courts and armed services. The public cries 'crime!',  'potholes' and then wrongly concludes -which conclusion the state has contrived they arrive at, that government must  really be short of money if even essential services are being pared down ignoring the fact that the same state is shipping out billions of pounds of their cash to support every godforsaken,flyblown tyranny and basket case country around the world.

Its bad enough we have a domestic welfare state crippling the recipients and bleeding the taxpayers dry but now the state in its infinite wisdom has exported that dysfunctional welfare system to the four corners of the earth in its international welfare programme.

And sure enough we are told the NHS is in crisis (hello!) and so taxes have to rise. If the public falls for that one yet again they truly will confirm the dictum that the people get the kind of government they deserve.

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