Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Red Menace and how to counter it

Liz Truss is interesting. If she can muster some fellow non statists to her cause it may stay the suicidal hand of the 'tories' although probably it's too little and too late. But nice to hear someone in the  party of dysfunction saying we are being nannied to death. No doubt she will be gagged and sent to Maggie purgaTory.

Someone needs to be on permanent Corb alert, issuing daily warnings about the threat he poses but I hear nothing nicht nada. The 'tory' disease of complacency and denial has reached a critical phase and it is in the Lemming Mode now -even trusting opinion polls again.

There is no one and that is scary. You counter Corb with principles but looking to the 'tories' is needle and haystack territory.

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