Saturday, June 30, 2018

BBC - The NHS Representative Here On Earth

'Our' State broadcaster has a symbiotic relationship with the NHS of the pathogenic mutualist variety and it has gone into steroidal overdrive,wetting its pants over the 70 commemoration of the socialised monstrosity that is the NHS.

I used to be accused of hyperole when calling the above the National Holocaust Service but in the light of its serial killing sprees in Liverpool,Shipman country and now re Doc Barton otherwise known as Doctor Death it has now become an official fact.

If one person dies in the 'private sector' it is as tragedy -if thousands die in the 'public sector' it's just a statistic apparently. 'Move along folks,we at the BBC have to tell you there is nothing to see.

Instead we are going to eulogise and froth at the mouth in drooling worshipful awe at the socialist marvel that is the NHS and we are not going to let its wholesale in-plain-sight depradations and institutionalised genocidal acts of Hitleresque Eugenics stop us. (Eggs,Omelettes, know what I mean?)

Now when there is a tragedy in the 'private sector' and someone dies there is an immediate clamour  to Nationalise it! How come it does not work the other way? Thousands are killed in the Public sector of the NHS and not a peep of outrage from the virtue signalling caring Left media establishment.No cries of Privatise it!

Are the perpetrators under arrest? Well no,they are at large, corporate manslaughter is cool if it is the state doing it apparently. You not only get out of jail free but the BBC will take your side and give sympathetic cloying voice overs to one of the nurses involved who chose to be anonymous (?!) and feels victimized and scapegoated - just for being involved in a mass killing spree! life's so unfair eh what?

So now you know why you pay your TV licence -(or go to jail) -to fund the mouthpiece of horrors like this.Still the nation sleeps on....

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