Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Red Alert

As the country sleepwalks into slavery and wakes up to a Red Dawn I feel it my duty as the ghost of Churchill to warn my fellow Brits about the dire Marxian fate that awaits them,coming to a borough near you.

They may have fallen under the spell of the Brexit pendulum but in plain sight the Corb quietly slithers to power from the burnt ashes of what was the Conservative party, immolated by the Brussels Question.

The 'tories' need a divorce settlement -with themselves ,no marriage guidance counselor could possibly salvage the wreck of the marriage between Remoans and the Brexitistas,they are estranged beyond the point of no return, ireconciliable differences mean they will never be whole again. Liz Truss in her comments about the absurd popinjay Gove yesterday makes this  crystal clear.

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