Thursday, June 07, 2018

Brussels and the Deux ex Machina

Brussels will save us, says the arch bishop - prick of pious Cant, Welby. God is dead, long live Brussels! We may not believe in God anymore (indeed we don't) but if  he does exist Brussels is his representative here on earth. Really?

Welby has said it would not be a disaster if the C of E was disestablished. I think we should take him at his word and bring about this thing devoutly to be wished. Then the witterings of this ridiculous absurd prattling prelate would be consigned to where they belong -oblivion.

Brussels he adds is the flower of civilization - alongside the bubonic plague and the rampaging tanks of the Nazi Panza division presumably?

Or is God's idiot  doing us all a favor by highlighting the moral intellectual spiritual bankruptcy of  religion per se and its  super-secular arm in the gilded halls of Strasbourg and Brussels - and indeed of all State bureaucracies for that matter?

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