Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Russian Bear Baiting

RusPutin may be a dodgy character who has a mystical folklorist eschatology about Soviet determinism and enjoys cold war politiking a bit too much but it is really not our business  if he wants to get bogged down in a re run of the 79 invasion of Afghanistan, a sovietised version of Vietnam in Syria, and we should just let him get on with it.

Borris huffs and puffs,urging British peacenics to surround the Soviet embassy in the UK but it is all posturing and he should put a lid on it. We have covered ourselves in non glory in the Middle East and it is really way beyond time we left it to its own devices and returned to defending our own nation's interests and stopped acting out a very old and tired  post -colonial altruist self sacrificing world policeman psychodrama which only amplifies our reduced and pathetic status as a faded actor on the world stage whose glory days are well and truly over.

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