Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bags of Chutzpah

I cannot pay 5p for a bag when shopping without smarting at this tax grab by the State and have fantasies of getting the buaureucratic instigators of this moral outrage and tying one of those bags over their heads with string. Being it was tories who instituted this and knowing their penchant for sexual deviancy they would probably enjoy it though.

It gets even worsehowever. Not content with imposing this opportunistic and evil impost staff in certain  shops that will remain nameless seem to have been instructed to let any hapless customer who dares to commit the politically correct faux pas of asking for a bag to pack their own goods. Condign punishment indeed for not proffering the appropriate obesiances to the false God of Econoia!

I wonder at what point the British people will kick back and howl a collective No at the Nudging Nannies of Nannytopia? Well I will not hold my breath waiting that's for sure.

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