Sunday, October 23, 2016

Freedom of the Press

Soon the centuries old liberty of the free press in Britain could come to an end. The implications are so horrendous they really do not need expatiation or even bear thinking about -but we have to. It is no accident that arch Fascist sympathiser Mosley is instrumental in bringing about this catastrophe with the wicked connivance of traitor Cameron and his rampant predeliction for quango building as his choice of freedom circumvention -something he shares with most British politicians seemingly. Anyway, here we are on the brink of catastrophe. First they came for the Daily Mail...

But of course there is no compartmentalism when it comes to press censorship. Sooner or later everyone falls under its oppressive sway and  is hoist on its vile toxic peturd. Either we act together to resist this blatant totalitarian assault on our freedoms or we will all be picked of individually in a Kafkaesque vortex of  carefully calibrated oppression.

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