Friday, October 28, 2016

Alt Right Nazis!

Do not know that much about the Altrighters as it is a new phenomena to me but what I have seen I do not like. They are connected to a group called 3% and they appear to go around gun toting, acting as as paramilitary force,spreading provender and welfare like the Taliban or Hamas  who specialise in combining barbarism with altruism, although that is not such a leap as some may suppose.

If it were a black group doing such they would be circumscribed pretty quick but because they are white and refuge behind patriotism they not only get away with it but receive tacit recognition from the local police which tells us something very disturbing about the institutionalised corruption within the force.

The dickheads for what else can they be called pride themselves on clearing the streets from prostitutes so they are obviously the moral police no one assented to but self appointed religious whackjobs on a mission to militarize and terrorize the population with their crackerbarrel unhinged and deluded agendas. A kind of Isis Lite. And what are they on the lookout for on the Mexican border but probably illegals,drug runners so they are prohibitionist to bootleg,typical Trump pondlife with hairbrained half baked non baked philosophy about taking their country back -to where? A sort of authoritarian right wing place that does not look a lot dissimilar to the F word asscism.

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