Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gambling with Freedom

There are a lot of idiots out there and I am not just talking politicians. Some people gamble their family and lives away. What should be done or rather what shouldn't be done? We should not take away their right to gamble themselves into economic oblivion any more than we should ban kitchen knives cos sometimes psychos use them to kill people. Not a good analogy? Well not an exact one but it is good enough for some people love a gamble and why should their liberty and ours be circumscribed to protect idiots from themselves? And also be wary of the State stepping in to save us helpless infants who are just going to spend all our pocket money on sweets or fruit machines and their more sophisticated high stake equivalents that are sending the nanny classes  into a fit of the moral vapours -on our behalf of course, for we know where that goes.Every time. Losing no opportunity to signal their moral virtue the nannyistas will not be happy till they have us all contained in an air tight room protected from every known and unknown danger, a sort of sanitised liberal hell  of safe spaces. But who will protect us from them? Only Capitalism and a free unregulated laissez faire system based on liberty and individual rights, that's what.

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