Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who Created the Precariat?

The plaints from the left over the phenomena of the Precariat, those who do not have a fixed income or predetermined number of working hours per week have a hollow ring in the light of the overwhelming evidence that it is the very invasive statist regulatory mechanisms of employment law advocated and in many instances instigated by the self same left that has produced the precariat  in the first place. Thus laws and restrictive dictats instigated by the State create a problem ie employers understandably seek to insure and protect their businesses from such onerous laws and seek ways to mitigate their pejorative effects such as introducing zero hours contracts and shifting many employees onto the self employment rolls thus reducing their burden. The State then comes along for all the world like a disinterested observer positing solutions to the very problem which it itself created! Needless to say the 'solution' it posits will further erode the viability of said businesses and industry,impose yet more statist controls and cause more social dislocation and hardship on the very people it falsely claims it has the best interests of. A case in point is the Living Wage supposedly designed to counter employment insecurity which will only result in less employment,lower wages in the mid term and a chilling climate for startups -the very death knell of an entreprenurship.

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