Monday, October 24, 2016

Highway Brexit Revisted?

I wonder if the US opinion polls are as flawed and corrupt in their methodology as the UK ones. If so and it seems likely, the US commentariat are in for as a big a surprise result as their UK counterparts over Brexit. The characteristics are familiar. The media are already calling it for Hillary, the same desperate talking up of the latter mirrors what we were being told about the inevitability of a Remain verdict re the EU. And we know that just as with Brexit there are many voters in the US who are drawn to Donald who have never voted before and are therefor not in the purview of the pollsters data and this produces a necessary distortion in its extrapolations.

There is also the internal bias of the pollsters in that they are part of the establishment and are willing their candidtate on and they also echo what the media churns out. This has been illustrated here in the UK as it is hard to find one account of Trump's performance against Hillary across the whole media spectrum that was favourable to Trump and did not trash him as the suspect candidate.

So are we in for a surprise result? I think very likely and my money is on a Trump win.You just cannot trust the bastards,the establishment blob on both sides of the Atlantic. They lie and have been seen to lie which is why Farage won here and the Donald could well win over there.Interesting times...

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