Saturday, October 29, 2016

Uber Armageddon

The Unions in connivance with left wing judicial activists within the legal system have dropped a nuclear device right into the heart of the Uber freemarket revolution and  the toxic fallout will decimate tens of thousands of UK jobs and destroy what is left of the new digital freewheeling economics reversing its nascent development.

By finding that employees should no longer be deemed self employed with all the implicit ramifications that flow from that ie entitlement to sick pay,holiday pay, union recognition, paid rest times,minimum wage ad nauseam the much vaunted economic recovery in the UK is now under deadly threat and unless this criminal verdict is overturned the country will assume the economic stature  of basket  case EU countries like France Spain and Italy. Employment tribunals should be closed down as they are an assault weapon against freedom,liberty and the quasi market economy we just about have.

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