Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meanwhile In Scottish La la land.....

If it were not for Tony Blair's desperate attempt to appease the Labour deserting Scots with a bright shiny Scottish regional assembly resplendent with a new build way over cost and completion targets (a fitting monument to Scottish profligacy with English taxes) no one would have heard of the posturing pipsqueak with her noisome accent and Barnet formula - wannabe Nolan sister hairpiece.

Now we are condemned to listen to the sasenach drone, on and on and on into infinity giving an object lesson in un -self awareness,arrogance,delusion and parasitism. The tail has wagged the dog long enough, the mouth has bit the hand if feeds from (voraciously!) long enough -its time to tell the bitch where she gets off and gently but firmly close down the Scottish office and release it from her grubby grasping clutches..

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