Saturday, October 29, 2016

Russophobia -a Mental Disorder?

Lets have our daily 5 minutes of Hate. We can have a big photo of RusPutin and vent all our hate upon it. Third rate politicians can burnish their Churchillian credentials by huffing and puffing and replaying cold war paranoia and displaying their Churchill complex. Never mind that the country in question, the object of our controlled and manipulated Hate is a broken, enfeebled, diminished, stricken nation with a moribund economy as weak as Italy's, has rustbuckets for  naval ships, has to spew out feeble anti capitalist propaganda on its State run TV channels one of which is pumped into the UK to for our amusement and edification, has been comprehensively denuded of its former satellites and territories to the tune of tens of thousands of miles and is surrounded by hostile Nato forces spoiling   for a fight  for God only knows what reason. It is hard to have sympathy for such an unsympatheitc unsavoury character as Putin but the Wests reckless mindless and delinquent provocation of Russia leads one to such sympathy.

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