Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The State should not be in the airport business! Duh. Never mind doctors it is politicians who have the real God Complex. How they love to puff their insignifcant selves up and bathe in the glory of their empire building, for the naked power lust of the average politican and they are all that, is quite nauseating to behold.They are convinced of their near  mystical powers to move mountains,extend airport runways and relish the idea of cutting through whole swathes of people's private land and property to get to their desired end of adding to the holy grail of State driven boilerplated infrastructure development.

The idea that all this labour and industry should be left to the determination of the free market is alien to these parasitic elites whose sole interest is their politcal advancement and their habitual  troughing in the emoluments of office.

Violation of property rights -who cares the only thing that matters is the politicians prostrating themselves before the God of Statist projects no matter the cost in the blighting of  human lives. There is no environmental issue at stake here only the over weening arrogance of politicos on the eternal take. Had the aeronautic industry b een allowed free reing in a market driven development advances in that industry would be well ahead of what they are thanks to the dead hand of statist intervention which casts a pall of mediocrity over all it touches.

The role of the state is to protect individual rights,not extend runways or decide where such extensions will occur,not to run the health service,transport,education ad nauseam. Its sole and only function is to leave everyone alone and allow trade to determine its own interests in the free market where it alone can flourish.

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