Monday, February 23, 2015

The last Straw

Caught in a media sting Jack Straw is seen whoring his dubious services to a Chinese company for £5000 a day and has been suspended from his party, lifting the lid yet again on the stinking corruption when politics and business end up in bed with one another.One has to struggle to get one's head around the cynicism of politicians concocting byzantine laws and regulations tying businesses up in knots and then proffering their services to said businesses to negotiate and circumvent those very  bureaucratic Kafkaesque rules.

In Straw's case it was related to the EU that very embodiment of the Kafkaesque and illustrates if that were needed that the EU is the very antithesis of freetrade and requires the likes of Straw to negotiate the tortured rules it has constructed to retard trade and entrench protectionism. For a very large fee Jack will help you circumvent bureaucracy.

These are the political class who are going to clean up the tax avoidance evasion business class.Surely the word chutzpah was invented for Straw and his corrupt political class.Why does the public continue to trust such people one wonders.

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