Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shades of hypocrisy

From the little I have heard about the phenomenon Shades of Grey with its depictions of stalking torture and rape its apparent popularity among women readers is puzzling to say the least.That it has now been turned into a film and advertisments for which  plastered over school buses as I witnessed in town the other day is depressing also.

Are we to read from this that many women have an ambivalent attitude about violence towards them and how  this speak to the victories of feminism god only knows.Perhpas many women covertly share the view of some men that there is rape and rape and that a woman raped in an alley by a stranger is not the same as a woman who has sexual intercourse against her will after going up to a man's appartment in a consensual arrangement.If this is what they believe perhaps they should say so as it appears to be the inference from the mass popularity amongst women of this fictional work.

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