Friday, February 27, 2015

psychopaths for God

It is clear enough that unreformed islam is a playground for psychopaths who have found the perfect vehicle to practice their dark impulses of nihilism and sociopathy.The length to which some muslim spokespeople will go to  to rationalise away the death cult of islam and seek to give it some sociological political rationale is part of the pathology of denial we see even amongst certain liberals.

Parents and friends of the psychokillers could all be speaking from the same denial script when it is revealed that the murderer and beheader is their son or former friend: he was such a lovely person,kind to old ladies,into computer nauseam.No,he had sociopathic tendencies which were brought forth and  given licence and intellectual justification by the rhetoric of islamism.

The message to Islam is reform or face military and political anhiliation.

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