Monday, December 15, 2008

Ian Dumnkopf Smith

IDS sounded really wet today on the UK's asylum pile-up catastrophe.We have no control over our borders because of the EU which declares that anyone denizen from within the EU can pile into this overcrowded isle, and he was skirting round the issue in a most pathetic way, seemingly more concerned about the welfare of the asylum seekers than that of the British people who are the hapless victims of successive government's calamitous criminal open door come one come all immigration non policy.

There are about 10 million immigrants in the UK who have no business here at all and there should be a five year programme of shipping and flying all of these out of the UK and back to their country of origin.Only those who run lucrative profitable businesses should be allowed to stay,the rest are not welcome.A tiny island,we are sinking under the weight of alien hordes,creating a multicultural cesspit.Al queda operatives are walking our streets claiming job seekers allowance and housing benefits et al and the EU 'Human Rihghts' law renders us powerless to deport them.Only a country with a death wish would tolerate this state of affairs.

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