Monday, December 08, 2008

UN Charter Of Inhuman Rights Celebrates 60 years Anniversary

Eleanor Ruseveldt the Wicked Witch of Un-American Communist Activities was a prime mover in ushering in the wretched world-wide criminal cartel known as the UN.It is she we have to thank for the 'Human Rights' industry, a cancerous socialist imposition on sovereign States, a veritable criminal's charter which bedevils us to this very day.

Needless to say the BBC went to town venerating this evil witch and salivating at her wretched legacy.Its hegemenony is so entrenched it no longer even feels the need to serve up a pretence of objectivity.

The social and economic 'aspirations' of the Declaration Of Human Rights (the empty pomposity of these words!) was given moral imprimatur from none other than the then Soviet Union.What more damning condemnation on this evil charter could there possibly be?

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