Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gaaza Reaps The Whirlwind

The timely assault on Gaza by the Israelis has been met with the drearily predictable and almost universal condemnation of it in the world's press.The rest of the world seems to hold Israel to a different standard, demanding from it behaviour it would never dream of applying to itself.Talk of 'disproportionality' is peddalled by the UN and other bodies of so called respectable world opinion,the same organisasions which have looked on as genocide takes place around the world without lifting a finger.

The protest around the world from hooligan semi barbarian foam-flecked arabs is also part of the tired and predictable circus that follows whenever Israel dares to stand up and defend itself from the psychopathic Hammas scum who hurl their rockets at civilian targets in Israel and terrorise the residents therin.London in particular seems to play host to these human faeces where no less than a thousand lay seige to the Israli embassy and the police were unable to contain them at first.Surely these specimens of human offal should be arrested and summarily deported back to the hell holes from whence they came.

Israel is no doubt mindful that it needs to sort out Hammas once and for all before the muslim terrorist loving Barak Hussein Osama arrives at the Whitehouse and sells Israel down the river.All right minded people will wish Israel all success in routing the criminal terrorist Hammas and sending a clear message to the so called Palestinians that if they vote for such a psychopathic regime which wages war on Israel and seeks its destruction they themselves will face anhiliation.


JK said...

The Philistine variety have built quite a reputation for themselves throughout the centuries!
What Israel needs is a Samson minus the Delilah complex.

May YHWH be near you the entire new year and protect you.

niconoclast said...

Happy new year to yourself also.