Monday, June 05, 2017

Thersa's Secret weapon against Islamists Revealed

We face an evil ideology of Jihadism and how are we going to wage war against it? With Pluralism! Our values she says are superior to theirs and all she can offer in proof is the weasel non word Pluralism which is little more than Multiculturalism in disguise. The dictionary definition of pluralism is the holding by various co existing groups within a country of competing belief systems within a 'common civilization' but it does not proffer what that common civilization consists of and neither does May because she hasn't got a clue.She is on principle an anti ideologist and is reduced to mouthing airy platitudes and vacuous generalities delivered in an emphatic tough talk style hoping  no one will notice the contradiction.

I am not suggesting that the State should be promoting an ideology as that is expressly not its role, it not being in the business of promoting ideas but the very least we should expect from our leaders is protection from those who seek to destroy us not facile speeches and burblings about pluralism and  proposing curbs on free speech which goes to the very heart of what contstitutes a free country.

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