Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Devil or the deep Blue Sea?

The only antidote to bad ideology is good ideology,not pragmatism as the tories believe. Of course their dogmatic pragmatism is an ideology anyway and their refusal to confront the bad ideology of Corbyn socialism,or even turn up for the debate could well come back to bite them at the election as they could be sleepwalking to defeat,hung parliament or the narrowest of majorities for their arrogance contempt and moral cowardice.

People are beginning to suspect that May does not believe in anything other than the exercise of power, that she is an empty vessel and her fear of debating with Corbyn is further proof that this is so. The fact that the country is confronted with the most extreme political ideologue in Corbyn since the post war Labour government and the tory party has nothing to say about it,no counter belief system,no philosophy is proof of its intellectual bankruptcy and unfitness to govern.

Yet those of us who fear we are staring into an abyss of Venezuelan proportions have no recourse but to vote tory to buy a stay of execution and live to fight another day.Such is the morass we are in.

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