Thursday, June 08, 2017

Reality or Moneytreeism

Are the polls lying yet again and May due for an electoral landslide? With opinion polls about as accurate as global warming predictions its anyone's guess.  If the the amount of Labour posters in people's windows round this part of Kent is anything to go by you would have to say Corbyn will win and its notable how many of them are houses in wealthy areas betokening the usual middle class guilt.

There are clearly a lot of shy secret tory voters out there, no doubt scared they will get a brick through their window if they display a tory poster which tells us all we need to know about Labour supporters. Voting tory is like a secret vice,the allegiance that dare not speak its name, as if a moral taint is attached to such allegiance which is testimony to how successful the left has been in colonising the moral high ground, undeservedly but the product of years of the tories emphasising economics and abandoning the field of ethics and morality to the left.Such a moral abdication may exact a very high price for them and us.

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