Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Religious mentality

In a recent youtube talk I received Mr Snake oil (as I have previously alluded to him) is seen openly boasting of his low vocabulary (standing at a proud 8oo words). He mentions that 50,000 are available, but 'you don't need them'.Look up  Mr S,see the planes gracing the sky,or at the skyscrapers or perhaps at the internet that you so abuse to promulgate your anti intellectual anti man philosophy.Do you think any of those things were created by men with a mere 8oo word vocabulary?If you want to see people with the latter just go down to skid row,you will find them aplenty there.

Further on in the video he claims that wealthy people are merely compensating for their failures and that he spurned the advances of a millionaire who was seeking validation from him.Mr S proudly resisted bestowing on the hapless millionaire this dubious favour.I would suggest that the man in question is indeed suffering profound self esteem deficit if he is seeking validation from such a profoundly immoral evil man who trashes the achievements of mankind like some atavistic  primitive yahoo whilst benefiting from them on a daily basis.Wonder if there is a recognised medical condition called self awareness deficit?

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