Saturday, July 04, 2015

Dougla Carswell: NO!

It was all going very well for Duggy,letting the BBC have it with both barrels over the licence review on r4 last week.Then he committed a classic textbook error at the end when he said to quote, almost verbatim:  'I believe there is a place for public service broadcasting.' Arghh! In one fatal sentence he undercut his whole argument,nay he negated it completely because once you concede a fundamental principle in a debate you demolish the platform upon which you stand and from thereon it is only an argument on detail between two sides who share the same basic premises.

In such a scenario an error like that is fatal because when two groups share basic principles it is the one that is most consistent in its application that will prevail and in this case it is the pro BBC licence side which explains why with such weak vacillating opposition as exampled by Douglas Carswell it has managed to prevail to the present day and indeed will continue to do so as I predict  the licence will stay pretty much intact tact next year after the review with just minor nugatory symbolic tweaks.

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