Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nazi Monarchy!

Hitler admired the British royal family.The arbitrary power of fascism is attracted to the arbitrary power of monarchy.Hold the front page!Buckingham Palace? Third on the Reich.Ve have vays of making you tug the forelock,pay that tax,tote that bale!Of course poor old Queenie to-be could not have understood the significance of the Nazi salute she is clearing making in the photo printed in the Sun today.Not the point!It was the poisonous toxic pro Nazi environment she was reared in and the British establishment was flirting with that is at issue here.

As if to make the point the corrupt political establishment is outraged - not at the revelations but at the Sun for printing it!No wonder they used to say the monarchy is not to be scutinised,don't let any light into it or the magic will dissipate.Now we know why ,its a rotten corrupt depraved institution with about as much moral political legitimacy as the German Fascist regime it was truckling to.In fact it is worse because at least the German people voted for Hitler in a popular plebiscite.Who ever voted for this shady outfit of chancers,parasites,leeches freeloaders and bloodsuckers?

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