Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Now for the good news!

The polls may be hyping Corb and up to their usual tricks but for the sake of argument let us assume they are right for once  and Corb is indeed riding high and in with a chance at becoming Labour leader.What good can be gleaned from this? It illustrates that a sizeable portion of the electorate respond well to a politician with consistently held and expressed  principles values philosophy and ideology even if those values are as in Corbyn's case palpably pernicious,toxic,insane immoral and evil.

So good news! All we need to do now is find someone who is as passionate about liberty individual rights and their practical application and advocacy via the articulation of pure unregulated laissez faire capitalism.No such person exists within the Conservative party so there is no point looking there.He or she must come from outside that toxic institution that has made so many compromises and concessions to statism over its long tortuous and tainted history in the form of mixed economy policies that anyone wanting to promote capitalism must look elsewhere and form a new political movement and party.Such is the task before us.

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