Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jeremy Hitler and the tell tale Heart of darkness

The liberals in Labour thought they were being o so inclusive when they put the communist Corbyn on the the leader's electorate role and now it has come back to bite them big time.He could become leader! Ho ho leder hosen as we goose step towards Jeremy's Brave New World.Even tories tried to assist his meteoric rise thinking it would destroy Labour.He his like Labour's special idiot child who has been tied up in the basement for 20 years and has suddenly broken loose and is running amock thru the polity stating in bold unambiguous terms what has till now been kept deadly secret ; the Labour communist soul of collectivism.

The Blair Switch Project kept all this hidden from public conciousness by a programme of stealth,subterfuge linguistic sophistry newspeak,terminological inexactitudes using language as vague approximations,never defining terms, deploying the language of babytalk and obsfuscation.In 3 weeks all of this has been blown away by Mr Corbyn and the public can see clearly and unobstructedly the ugly face of Labour and the menace it represents.

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