Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Greece the palm

One would have thought the EU mandarins being the archetypal repositories of graft and chicanery would not have been at all fazed or thrown by Greece's antics but they sound genuinely flabbergasted by it which is a bit like expressing surprise at being stung by a scorpion -that's its nature.Greece has surpassed the EU in Machiaveliasam which is perhaps why it is so peeved -it has been out -cynicised.

The best bet is still my one of an EU fudge,Greece has all the swagger of a person who knows they have the upper hand and are free to squeeze the maximum benefit and advantage out of a defeated and prostrate foe.For those of us of the told you so persuasion the whole charade offers bittersweet vindication over a story that could not have ended any  way other than it has:  a tsunami of tears before bedtime.

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