Monday, July 13, 2015

Come Acropolis

No no no no no Yes! Greece the debt crack whore has screwed the EU out of yet more cash as I predicted it would.All the mainstream media is presenting it as a Greek climbdown but since when did a climbdown result in coming away with tens of billions of more cash than you formerly demanded?!

If the EU is the bastion of 'conservative austerity' as Shipras claims why is a Greek Communist party so desperate to remain within its club?There is no austerity in the EU as there is hardly a country within it that is not bankrupt from crazed state spending.The whole continent is one big basket case of statism.They all deserve one another and will go down the plughole of history together clutching their useless euros.

Still the Greeks have played the EU like a fiddle and have given a classic textbook lesson in brinkmanship and we have to be grateful to them for making the Eurocrats look even more stupid and craven than they did before.The EU Titanic sails at dawn.

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