Friday, July 03, 2015

Planet Hilton

Tory Cameron the human oil slick has an adviser Mr Hilton and he thinks the Living wage- which I call the Dying wage cos it will kill jobs just as the minimum wage did - should be made compulsory and employer's nat ins reduced to offset it.If these are the kind of people whispering in Dave's ear we are in a worse state than I thought we were.

Apparently Mr Hilton is a businessman and has a company in the US which goes to show that when businessmen get involved in politics they leave their business head at home and go native big time.This is such a common syndrome someone should make a study of it.Richard Branson was urging the UK to remain in the EU  just last week so it seems that  even business geniuses are not immune from it.

I guess people should stick to their chosen field and not go wandering off into realms which they are clearly ill equipped to understand

In brief the problem of statism and gov interference in the market and the economy is not solved by substituting one act of gov intervention in the economy for another.Such a concrete bound anti conceptual approach is doomed to failure as it illustrates a complete lack of comprehension of the free market and the harm that all state incursions into it wreaks.

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